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From Anxious to Courageous

Life Coaching
for Teen Girls

Empowering Teens to LEVEL UP on Confidence
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Smiling Student

Curious if
Life Coaching would help your Teen?

Answer these questions:
Is your Teen glued
to their phone
& social media?
Is conflict increasing
with your Teen
within your home?
Does your Teen worry
about her friends
liking her?
Does your Teen spend
more time in their room
than anywhere else?
Is your Teen
stressed out

by school &
Is your Teen struggling
with peer pressure and doing things they
wouldn't typically do?
Is your Teen
with their
body image?
Is your Teen worried
about not knowing what
she wants to do in the future?
Is dating causing
undue stress
for your Teen?
If you answered YES to any of these questions,
LIFE COACHING could definitely benefit your Teen!

These are just some of the issues that Teens struggle with.  When they have a safe space to talk, they can learn effective strategies to help them deal with these issues.  Then they start to make powerful decisions & changes in their life. 

Start the Journey

Impact of
Teen Life Coaching

What difference will coaching make for my teen? 

Teen Girls have unreasonable cultural pressure & expectations put on them that creates a no-win situation.

They are expected to be strong & competitive academically, in sports, and elsewhere.

They need to be sweet and nurturing.

But also sexy.


Playing a Shooting Game

When a self-conscious teen girl discovers who she really is, the magic happens.

Then she makes decisions based on the “Girl in the Mirror” instead of what others may be thinking about her.  


She can navigate any situation, knowing that none of it has anything to do with her worth and value.

Your daughter can be confident.  She can know who she is and what is important to her.  She can learn to make decisions from that place, instead of always attempting to fit in.

She CAN.


If your daughter knows herself, she will accomplish whatever she decides to.


I was shy, yet involved in everything.  It was kind’ve my way of hiding.  I had friends yet still felt awkward and lonely.


Knowing the power of my thoughts would have been huge for me back then, as it is now.

You can’t know yourself until you are aware of the power of your thoughts.

So we start there . . .

Ready to empower your daughter?


How does Teen Life Coaching work?

Just like life, becoming who we want to be is a journey. 

Here are the areas that we travel through coaching. 

It is not linear but rather something we traverse
over and over again,

advancing as we go:


Writing a Diary

Teens learn tools & strategies that help them to develop their inner sense of self.  Through using these tools, teens come to know who they are, what they value, and the power of their thoughts. 

Beautiful Girl

As teens begin to use the tools & strategies in their lives, they start to become more and more aware of how their own thoughts determine the actions that they take and don't take.  They also become more aware of the autonomy of others around them and realize that the thoughts of others get to be theirs.  We don't have to judge or accept them as our own.  They just are and this is incredibly freeing.


Smiling Girl

Self confidence builds as teens witness the impact they make when they become intentional about their thinking.  They decide confidently  what they do & don't do, what they say & don't say.  They are empowered to create the life that they desire as they witness the amazing results of deciding & living purposefully. 



Girl with Dogs

Life changes when teens begin to trust themselves to make decisions that honour themselves.  And in so doing, they also honour others.  This trust is built with a strong foundation when teens know themselves well and also when they are confident that God is in all of life with them.  That trust empowers them to be authentically themselves.


Practicing Guitar

When young people have trust & confidence in God and themselves, there is nothing they cannot do.  Teens learn what is important to them and how to set clear goals & the steps that will help them to achieve what they want to.  They then use all the tools & strategies they have learned to be aware of  & to overcome the obstacles that will undoubtedly try to stand in their way.  They have got this!

It is a beautiful journey . . .

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