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From Anxious to Courageous

Life Coaching
for Teen Girls

Empowering Teens to LEVEL UP on Confidence
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Smiling Student

Curious if
Life Coaching would help your Teen?

Answer these questions:
Is your Teen glued
to their phone
& social media?
Is conflict increasing
with your Teen
within your home?
Does your Teen worry
about her friends
liking her?
Does your Teen spend
more time in their room
than anywhere else?
Is your Teen
stressed out

by school &
Is your Teen struggling
with peer pressure and doing things they
wouldn't typically do?
Is your Teen
with their
body image?
Is your Teen worried
about not knowing what
she wants to do in the future?
Is dating causing
undue stress
for your Teen?
If you answered YES to any of these questions,
LIFE COACHING could definitely benefit your Teen!

These are just some of the issues that Teens struggle with.  When they have a safe space to talk, they can learn effective strategies to help them deal with these issues.  Then they start to make powerful decisions & changes in their life. 

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