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We can be both scared & excited.  It is the best time to take a step forward. 

Being a part of blended families, I learned to be the mediator in my world, trying to protect everyone from each other and themselves.  I had committed to that without even knowing it.

Teens often take on roles and identities for the sake of others.  The problem is that they miss out on being their true selves, knowing what they truly value, and making decisions from that place.

This is why I believe that EVERY teen needs adult mentors in their life who can help them to recognize and embrace who they are.  Once they do that, the teen years are much more enjoyable!

Issues with friends and family still pop up.  Academic stress and future planning doesn't go away.  Pressure to drink & do drugs is still there and so are issues with social media and sex & dating.

But when a teen has come to value who they are and love themself, they are much more apt to make powerful, informed decisions regarding all these issues and create the life they want.

Tana Geiger Life Coach for Teen Girls Ages 12 to 25

Teen Life Coach, Adventurer & Traveller, Runner, Mom, and Leaning on God.

Teens can thrive during times of big change when they have a safe person who they can confide in.  

Me as a Teen:

I remember being fully involved in everything (sports, band, student council, etc.) . . .  yet I was still very shy & often felt INVISIBLE.

There was the tension of trying to know where

I fit in the world  . . .


And wanting to please everyone around me including God, my parents who were divorced, teachers, coaches, friends, and myself.

Tana Geiger

More about me:

I have travelled a lot.


As a teen, I knew there was more in the world that I wanted to experience.


I have lived in places where daily survival is a struggle for most of the population.


Those experiences have changed me.


I am a spouse and a Momma to 3 kiddos . . . all soon to be teenagers.

I recently started running and it has taught me a whole lot about achieving goals and overcoming resistance that our brains love to resurrect.

I have had an incredible career life that has fostered my passion for empowering teen girls.


While completing a degree at a Bible College, I worked as a Youth Director at a local church (and loved it)!  


I then set out for an adventure that would lead me to live and work in Haiti for a couple of years.  When I came back home, I studied & earned university degrees in social work, political science, and policy studies (because I was determined to find the answer to all the problems in the world ;). 


I have since worked with university students, government-assisted refugees in Canada, families seeking employment back in Haiti again, vulnerable populations at a local shelter, and empowering teens through my life coaching business.  I am so grateful for all of these life-changing opportunities.


I am a wanderlust at heart, I love people and I trust God with it all.



Why am I a Life Coach for Teen Girls?

I love having the opportunity to empower teen girls to know who they truly are, to be aware of their own values, and to make decisions that reflect that, purposefully achieving goals that are important to them. 


I love witnessing the transformation of young people from timid, anxious, and feeling invisible to being confident & aware of the power of their thoughts. 


Then they lead themselves in a way that creates more success in their relationships, academics, family life, and extra-curricular activities. 


And through all of it, they have this knowing that God is in it.  They can do anything . . . it is the greatest thing!

I would love to connect with you!
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