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The teen years are already a period of HUGE transition.  A major change in family life, like separation or divorce, can cause a teen's world to shake.

A major shift in family structure can create a lot of uncertainty for any child or teen.

Relationships can already be up and down in a teen`s life.

Home may have been your teen's safe zone.

They are likley having big feelings and thoughts that they haven`t experienced before.

Teens can carry guilt, resentment, frustration, lies and misinterpretation for years.

Thoughts like "Why didn't my parents love me enough to keep my family together?"or "I feel responsible to make sure my parents are okay," can be very real for teens.

Teens can start to withdraw from friends because of their big feelings.  

Their grades might not be as good as they could be.

They may desire to have an honest discussion with their parents but don`t want to upset them anymore.

When a teen feels that their parents aren`t available to them, they may try to find a romantic relationship or engage in uncharacteristic behaviour to fill that hole. 

Teens need a safe space to begin to reimagine their world.

When your teen is free to acknowledge this big change, its impact, and their thoughts about it, in a space where what they say won`t hurt anyone, they can finally take a breath.

Life is scary when everything is kept inside.  

It is an invaluable gift to provide your teen with a Coach, who can help them understand how their thoughts are affecting their inner world and their actions.

It is the gift of empowerment, confidence, peace, trust, and sefl-actualization.  These are skills that improve their entire life.

Your teen can thrive amid this big life change.

When your teen has support, a safe place to express themselves, and effective tools & strategies, they navigate this change and future change skillfully.


They will not only thrive but this experience becomes an opportunity to build confidence, learn strong communication skills, and create healthy boundaries.  

Your teen can come to appreciate their new normal, have an empowering understanding of what has happened, and move forward with openness and possibility.

Ready to empower your daughter through this tough transition?

Teens & Divorce

I am a Teen Life Coach who passionately supports teens as they navigate life during and/or after their parents` separation or divorce.  This is a huge transition for the whole family that children and teens can struggle with into adulthood without support. 

Teens become HAPPIER when they are empowered to be aware of their thoughts & feelings and talk about the changes in their family and in their life.  Their world begins to feel less shaky & they thrive when they have support and a safe space to create possibility instead of fear.

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